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Beauty Deluxe - Training Academy aims to offer every one of our students interesting  in depth training, with small classes and first class facilities.  

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Risk Free

Risk free

Our guarantee to you is if you are not happy with your training and feel unconfident when you finish your course, you can re-sit the course again for free


Our Instructors

All Beauty Deluxe trainers are a select team of internationally acclaimed world-class technicians which will deliver to you the absolute best that Beauty Therapy industry has to offer.​

Three Reasons To Invest In Our Fibroblast Courses

The capabilities of your beauty salon to perform the best treatments to your customers relies on the best training. There’s no use investing in the best possible equipment without having the necessary skills to use it correctly, safely and professionally. That’s why you need to choose a destination like ours at Beauty Deluxe Training Academy.

Our fibroblast coursescan add a new product line to your salon and give you the chance of gaining extra revenue from this wonderfully uplifting technique. Before you get started, it’s important that you understand exactly what this treatment is and how it can be beneficial to your clients.

Here are three important reasons why our fibroblast treatment courses are becoming popular:

  • Skin lifts naturally: Fibroblast treatments use a small dosage of plasma which flashes over the skin in a split second. The focused area will benefit from instant tightening with rapid healing without any scars.
  • No need for cutting or surgery: Many tightening treatments in the past use a variety of surgical techniques. The fibroblast is a safe, fast and painless treatment.
  • Earn more money as a fibroblast technician: An average of £600 is charged for fibroblast treatments as a fully trained plasma fibroblast technician. Our courses will give you the confidence that you need to perform this treatment.

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