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Beauty Deluxe - Training Academy aims to offer every one of our students interesting  in depth training, with small classes and first class facilities.  

Risk free

Our guarantee to you is if you are not happy with your training and feel unconfident when you finish your course, you can re-sit the course again for free

Our Instructors

All Beauty Deluxe trainers are a select team of internationally acclaimed world-class technicians which will deliver to you the absolute best that Beauty Therapy industry has to offer.​

Note*  Results may vary based on a variety of factors, to ensure suitability you must attend a consultation*

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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Having second thoughts about your tattoo? A change in your life or image can cause a tattoo to become more of a burden than a benefit. Fortunately, tattoos can now be removed through laser technology.
At Beauty Deluxe, we are specialized in removing tattoos of all sizes and colors. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment option that can safely remove your tattoo without leaving a scar. Each member of our professional team is specially educated and experienced in tattoo removal to provide you the best results possible.
The price of laser tattoo removal varies depending on the size of the tattoo and the different kinds of ink used. Some colours are harder to get rid of because of the frequency of absorption doesn’t break down the pigment as happens in other colours.

Very Small
Size: 2cm x 2cm
Price: £30
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: £25 each

Size: 4cm x 4cm
Price: £40
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: £33.3 each

Size: 6cm x 6 cm
Price: £55
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: £45.8 each

Size: 9cm x 9cm
Price: £70
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: £58.3 each

Size: 12cm x 12cm
Price: £85
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: £70.8 each

Very Large
Size: Assessment at consultation
Price from: Price at consultation
Buy 5 get 1 FREE: Price at consultation